2012 Wheel work
The top and bottom rows are decorated vases from July 2012. Many of them have features that were built up with clay or carved and painted surfaces. The various bowls shown use a variety of oxide decorations, carvings, and building up with clay. 
Collection of vases
Starry Kodiak Night Fishing Boat Bowl Starfish Fractal Bowl
Mother Ocean Carved Star Bowl Starfish Sea Shore
Collection of vases

2012 Black Clay
The first piece was created during the Creamer's Field Wild Arts Walk. The second piece was made during my first farmer's market in September. This black clay was fired to ∆6 without any glaze. The surface is lustrous and smooth with an strangely skin-like quality.
Empty ArmsGathering Up closeFor the Love of it All

2011 Spring and Fall
Starting with Beginning Ceramics in January of 2011, I created several interesting hand-built projects. On the bottom row is a series of large star shaped bowls that were designed in SolidWorks before being built with clay. On the second row is Stevie (large musk ox) which was accepted to Earth, Fire, Fibre out of the Anchorage Museum. My dodecahedron (center) has a starfish on every face.  The tessellation bowl uses a pattern based off of M.C. Escher's fish. It unfortunately developed a very large crack during the glaze firing. On the top row is Pablo the mammoth and two tiny teapots created during my beginning throwing class.
Pablo Two Tiny Teapots
Stevie and the Baby Dodecahedron of Starfish Escher Fish Dish
Star Bowl Three Star Bowls

2011 Stained glass starfish dodecahedron
In the summer of 2011, I had to spend over a month in Anchorage. With limited space and no house projects to complete, I put my extra time toward fencing and stained glass. The twelve tiles had a rather complex overlapping pattern; each starfish is also on the five neighboring faces. Each face took around 8 hours to complete and had about 30 pieces of glass. The finished project is a rather large and nearly perfect hallow dodecahedron. There is no opening to the inside.
Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4
Star 5 Star 6 Star 7 Star 8
Star 9 Star 10 Star 11 Star 12

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